Auto AC Repair and Maintenance

Auto AC Repair

Whether you need a simple AC Recharge, or an Auto AC Repair, the ASE Certified Mechanics at Ed’s BnB Auto Repair can help!

If your car, truck, or van’s AC isn’t working like it’s supposed to, give us a call! Arizona is HOT! A working AC system is essential, especially in the summer months. We have the auto AC repair technology and experience to quickly and affordably inspect, evaluate, and recharge or repair the damage to your vehicle’s A/C system.

Auto AC Repair – What’s Involved

Your automobile’s AC system consists of an AC Condenser, an Evaporator Core, an AC Compressor, a Thermal Expansion Valve, a Receiver/Dryer and some plumbing. All of these things are filled with a refrigerant gas with some special oil dispersed in it to keep the moving parts lubricated as the AC system does it’s job.

The AC compressor is a pump which is connected to your engine by a belt. It uses a small amount of engine power to pressurize the refrigerant gas. The hot, pressurized gas is pumped into the A/C condenser. The condenser looks like a small radiator, usually found at the front of the vehicle. It’s job is to cool the pressurized gas to help it condense into a liquid. From there, the liquid refrigerant flows through the reciever/dryer, which removes any water molecules that may be present in the system using a dessicant. The next stop is the thermal expansion valve, which serves as a built in restriction in the line just before the Evaporator. This restriction allows the liquid refrigerant to turn back into a gas inside the Evaporator, cooling the Evaporator so it can remove heat from the air being pushed through it by the blower motor inside the car. After that, the refrigerant gas flows back to the compressor to repeat the process as long as your AC is running.

As you can see, quite a few parts have to work together to cool the air in your car. If any one part of the system fails, the cooling process is either greatly reduced or stopped entirely. If you notice your AC isn’t as cold as it used to be, bring it in for a check up or car ac repair!

Ed’s BnB Auto Repair is always ready to help. Give us a call and we’ll discuss your options. You can also use the Book Appointment button to schedule an appointment. 

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