Free Check Engine Light Testing


If you just need to see why your check light is on, Free Testing is one of the services we offer at no charge.

We will plug in our state of the art scanner, pull up whatever OBD2 codes are present, and discuss your options.

There are over 5000 generic and manufacturer exclusive OBD 2 troubleshooting codes that exist. (OBD2 Codes) These codes are what turn on the check light. Basically, whenever the various sensors on your detect a problem, the car’s ecu determines which code to set based on what sensors are seeing data outside of the normal range. Our Free Check Light Testing communicates with the ECU to determine which codes are set.

Ed’s BnB Auto Repair is always ready to help. Give us a call and we’ll discuss your options. You can also use the Book Appointment button to schedule an appointment. 

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