Why is my Car AC Blowing Warm?


One day your is blowing nice, cold air and everything seems fine. The next day your Car AC is blowing warm. Why is that?

In this article, we’ll discuss the various possible answers to the question “Why is my AC Blowing Warm?”.

AC Blowing Warm: Reason #1 – Low Freon

The first, and most common cause of an AC system blowing warm air is a low, or improper freon charge. Freon is a refrigerant that cycles through liquid and gas phases, and works to regulate the temperature of your car. If your AC system has an incorrect freon charge (too much or too little), it can’t cool the air effectively.

The fix: A car ac inspection is needed to find the freon leak and figure out how the freon escaped your AC system. After the leak is found and repaired, an AC Recharge is needed to refill the freon to proper levels.

Reason #2 – Blend Door Malfunction

Your car’s AC control system contains what’s called a blend door. This is a plastic door inside the box that blends the air from the heater with the air from the AC system so you can control the temperature coming from the vents.

This blend door is moved by an electronic actuator, which is powered by the climate control module. The actuator itself contains plastic gears, which are prone to breakage.

The fix: usually, the is what has failed. In which case, replacement is the needed.

Reason #3 – Airflow Issues

A lack of airflow through your AC condenser or will also cause your AC to blow warm air. The air-conditioning condenser is a radiator positioned behind the grille, but in front of the radiator for your engine. It removes heat from the freon gas as it exits the AC compressor. This heat removal allows the pressurized gas to condense into a liquid.

The is also a radiator, but it’s located deep inside the dashboard. Here, the liquid refrigerant evaporates into a gas to cool the evaporator, which in turn cools the air blowing through it before exiting the air vents.

If air can’t flow through one or both of these components properly, you’ll get warm air at the vents.

The fix: An AC system inspection is needed to determine the cause of the lack of airflow. The could be clogged, the radiator fan could be inoperable, the condenser could be damaged or dirty, or the could be dirty.

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