Why is My Car Dripping Water?

Why is My Car Dripping Water

If you’re walking back to your car on a hot day and notice a puddle of water underneath, you may find yourself wondering “Why is My Car Dripping Water?” as anxiety builds over what could be wrong…

Don’t worry just yet!

Today, we’re out to answer the question “Why is My Car Dripping Water?” and the good news is, in most cases the answer is simple! First, make sure it’s actually water by dipping a paper towel in it. If it looks fairly clear, it probably is water. If it has a color to it (red, green, blue, brown/black, or amber), it may be a more serious fluid leak.

It’s *probably* just your car’s air conditioning system doing it’s job. The evaporator drain tube allows your air conditioning system to dispose of the condensation created by the air conditioning unit’s evaporator coil. Much like a cold drink on a hot day, the cold surface of the evaporator (located inside your car, under and behind the dashboard) creates condensation that needs to go somewhere. On most cars, this condensation is collected by the evaporator case and drains via a tube through the car’s body, out to the ground underneath the car.

So, you may not need to schedule a visit to the mechanic after all!

However, if you’re still worried, or start to notice other symptoms like a higher than normal engine temperature, it may be good to get a second opinion, just in case.

Also, all that condensation can sometimes create a musty smell inside your car if it doesn’t drain as quickly as it should. If you start to notice that happening, there are things you can do to take care of it!

Why is My Car Dripping Water? – Closing

Hopefully, this article has helped put your mind at ease and you now know a little more about your car and it’s components! If you’d like to learn more about maintaining your car’s AC system, check out this article!

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