Check Engine Light On in Mesa, AZ?

Every year cars get more powerful, better gas mileage, more technologically advanced. In trade though, they also get more complex and harder to diagnose. Modern automotive computer systems are faster & more accurate than ever before.

Like anything else, though, they have their own problems. One of the few ways they can notify you of such a problem is by turning on the check engine light. (Or service engine soon light, depending on the car). Whether or not your vehicle seems to be running fine, driving around with the check engine light on is not a good idea. Driving around with a flashing check engine light is a particularly bad idea, as that means there is a performance problem that is bad enough to cause damage to the catalytic converters if allowed to continue.

If the Check Engine Light (CEL), AKA the Malfunction Indicator Lamp (MIL) or Service Engine Soon (SES) light comes on while you’re driving, make an appointment or stop by for a free code scan & diagnosis ASAP!

Why is my Check Engine Light on?

In total, there are over 5000 generic and manufacturer exclusive OBD 2 troubleshooting codes that exist. Those codes are what activate the check engine light. So, there are quite literally 5000 possible reasons for it to be on.

How do we narrow it down? We use a state of the art bidirectional scan tool to communicate with your car’s computer system. This not only shows us which OBD2 codes are set, but also allows us to see data from the car’s engine, suspension, safety, transmission, and body control modules among other computer systems so we can see what your car’s computer sees.

Ed’s BnB Auto Repair is always ready to help. Give us a call and we’ll discuss your options. You can also use the Book Appointment button to schedule an appointment. 

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