Free AC Check-Up


If your A/C isn’t working as good as it could be, our Free AC Check-Up is for you! We will scan your HVAC module for any problem codes, visually check the system for leaks, and test system pressures.

Do I Need an AC Check-Up?

A courtesy A/C inspection is highly advisable, especially if you’re experiencing any of the following:

  • Your car A/C is blowing warm air with or without a musty smell.
  • There’s a decrease in air pressure from the air vents.
  • You find wet spots or puddles by your car floor mats or on your driveway.
  • You can’t remember the last time you replaced or checked your refrigerant (a.k.a. Freon).

Once the inspection is complete, and any problem areas are identified, we will go over your repair options and get you an accurate estimate for getting your auto AC repaired and working to it’s full potential.

Can I Recharge My Car AC Myself?

You can, and most parts stores sell kits to do just that. I would advise against buying one, though. Unless you plan to get rid of the car soon, those DIY kits will cost you more in the long run. Most of them contain an AC stop leak chemical that will damage your AC system components over time. So it works OK as a temporary fix on a car you don’t plan on keeping, but it’s not ideal if you plan to keep the vehicle for awhile.

Instead, we recommend you schedule an appointment with your favorite mechanic so your system is professionally serviced, and keeps you cool for a long time to come!

An AC Service typically includes a system evacuation where the refrigerant (freon) in your car is removed and measured, then a vacuum is drawn on the system to remove any air or impurities within the system itself. Finally, the system is re-charged to the proper refrigerant level so it can perform with maximum efficiency! If your system needs to be serviced, there will be a cost involved, but you’ll be notified of the total amount beforehand so you can make a decision at that time.

Call or stop by to schedule your Free AC Check-Up today!

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