Air Filter Replacement

Air filter replacement
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Air Filter Replacement – Your vehicle’s air filter is critical in keeping unwanted, engine damaging dirt and debris out of your engine. Especially with today’s high tech throttle bodies and fuel injection systems, a dirty air filter can greatly reduce power & gas mileage.  At minimum, your air filter should be checked at least every 12 months or 12,000 miles.

Here in Mesa, Arizona, most of the driving we do qualifies as “Severe Driving”. The hot, dusty environment we live in means it’s a good idea to have your air filter checked or replaced more often than most owner’s manuals suggest as normal. To keep your engine in top shape, it is recommended that you replace your air filter every other oil change.

At Ed’s BnB Auto Repair, we see if you’re due for an Air Filter Replacement on most cars with every oil change. (Some cars have a hard-to-access air filter, which we’re unable to check during a normal oil change.) If you’ve gotten an oil change somewhere else, or would just like to have your filter checked, give us a call or come on by!

Ed’s BnB Auto Repair is always ready to help. Give us a call and we’ll discuss your options. You can also use the Book Appointment button to schedule an appointment. 

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